FMICS Registration system Guidelines

Please read carefully the following guidelines before completing the form

Step 1: Personal data

On the initial page, you will be required to accept a “Personal data protection code”. Once accepted you will enter in a new page that allows to specify participant’s data: please keep in mind that data provided at this time will appear as our invoice header and be printed on your identification badge.

Upon completion of this step, you will receive an e-mail (from with subject: “Registration Data accepted”) containing a link for subsequent access to the registration system, if needed.

Step 2: Selection of registration items

FMICS'11 Registration

If you want to register to the FMICS'11 event, select to proceed (by clicking the hyperlink “here”). You will be directed to the “CONFERENCE” items page (in alternative you can click on the “CONFERENCE” label). A description is available upon selection of each item. Select ADD to view your up-to-date SHOPPING CART.

Step 3: Payment

Once your SHOPPING CART is complete, click on “Proceed to payment” and follow the system instructions for payment by either bank transfer or credit card. Please notice that when the Bank Transfer option is chosen the confirmation for conference registration will be pending till the completion of the money transfer to the bank.

Upon completion of this step, you will receive an e-mail from with subject:

  • “FMICS'11 registration: Awaiting receipt of payment” In the case you chose to pay via bank transfer.
  • “FMICS'11 registration: Final confirmation” In the case you chose to pay by credit card.

Cancellation Policy

Link to the Cancellation policy

For any problem contact