Social Events

Reception at the Buonconsiglio Castle

The Buonconsiglio Castle is a museum as well as the largest monumental complex in Trentino-Alto Adige. The Castle built up against the 13th century city walls, served as the residence of the Bishops of Trento from the second half of the 13th century until the secularization of the principality in 1803, and is composed of a series of buildings of different eras, enclosed by walls and positioned slightly higher than the city.

Today it is the seat of the Museo Provinciale d'Arte (Provincial Art Museum), monuments and provincial art collections. It holds numerous collections of art, paintings, sculptures, graphic works, miniate codes, majolica ovens, as well as archaeological and numismatic collections. Among its many Baroque and Gothic frescoes, an outstanding work is the Ciclo dei Mesi (Cycle of the Months) considered one of the most significant examples of international Gothic style in the world.

The Castle is located in the very center of Trento at a walking distance from the Conference venue.

Castello del Buonconsiglio
Via Bernardo Clesio , 5
Trento - Italia



Banquet at Castel Ivano

Castel Ivano, a fascinating monument and a prestigious cultural centre. The monumental Medieval complex overlooking the town of Ivano Fracena, and Eastern Valsugana, is surrounded by a large park and a wildlife sanctuary. The original Longobard core of the building dates back to 590 AD, although it is first mentioned in a written document only in 1187.

The castle boasts an uncommon feature in the region, a perfectly preserved battlement walk, along the typically Medieval walls surrounding the Renaissance residence and the ‘Benedictine' lodge. The watchtower, whose walls still bear the coats of arms of the castle's historic owners, leads to the moat and the large doorway, and then to the courtyard outdoor, with its fountain and an historic acacia tree planted in the 16th century. After this, the old hay barn and the 17th century chapel.

The Castle is located in Ivano Fracena, a small village at 40 minutes of distance from the Conference venue. There will be buses from and to the conference venue.

Castel Ivano
38059 - Ivano Fracena
Trento - Italia